Our Story

Artists weave stories together with multiple mediums sharing their inner most feelings with the world.  Believe in Me 2 is a unique art boutique that was established to give all artists, especially those facing difficult challenges in life, the chance to be heard. Happily, it also gives YOU the opportunity to join us in supporting them.
We invite you to visit our gallery soon to enjoy our deeply-inspired, creative works and to select those you feel would add meaning or beauty to your home.

Beautiful, handmade art. Believe in Me 2 seeks out beautiful handmade art created by American artists throughout the United States. We support and empower our artists who are in self-help organizations or have experienced a hardship or life changing event. They want to share their story with you!

Empowerment. Believe in Me 2 empowers our artists by helping them earn a living through art. Our boutique promotes many artists who are working through trying times while in recovery, recently out of prison, or homeless, as they try to move on with their lives.

Classes. In addition, we have artists who teach classes at our studio housed within the art boutique.

They offer classes in painting, drawing, ceramics, and jewelry-making.

Please check our class update page.

Call Cindy at 215-813-4496 to sign up for classes.